Eileen Powers Can You Make Hair For Me

Can you make hair for me is a collaborative art project by artist Eileen Powers whose goal is to bring joy and levity to those undergoing chemotherapy and other cancer treatments.

After finding out I had cancer and learning that I would need chemotherapy,

I became depressed and stuck creatively. With my identity wrapped partially in my hair and partially in my eyebrows (both missing) I didn’t recognize myself anymore. It took weeks before I could view my bald head in the mirror. But once I did, I began trying to think of positive ways I could help other people through my art. I decided to create this this project, can you make hair for me?, and invite artists, friends and supporters to find ways to make hair for me that I could then photograph and share. The goal is to show that loss is real, but our ingenuity in dealing with loss is what makes us stronger, more compassionate humans.

Join in and make hair for me!

My goal for this project is have 100 people participate by making hair for me. The style, colors and construction are up to you. I only ask that you read the brief guidelines, use materials other than hair, and that the final piece not be a hat. I would like this to be a meaningful, collaborative project that I can share with others who have cancer and give them a moment of happiness in what can be a very long, soul-testing treatment.

Other ways to Participate

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Offer a Venue for an Exhibition

Write a Project or Speaking Review

Invite me to Speak at an Event or Conference

Make Hair for your Friends

Maybe making hair isn’t your thing. You can still participate by spreading the, following me on social media, making a gift through the GoFundMe page or offering to show the work. Please contact me if you have an idea you’d like to share.

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Thank you to all of those who have participated in the project.
I’m humbled and grateful.