Welcome to the Can you make hair for me? collaborative art project

Can you make hair for me? is a collaborative art project by artist Eileen Powers with the goal of bringing joy and levity to those undergoing chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. I invite people to make hair for which I then model, style and photograph into a series of positive and coloful portraits.

Creighton University students making hair!

Creighton University Students Make Hair

Can you make hair for me receives honorarium and solo exhibition at Omaha and Phoenix campuses

This spring I was offered an honorarium and solo exhibition at Creighton University. I spoke to medical students and undergrads about the expressive benefits of the project, the performative in art, the artist/model relationship, and what it’s like to go from photographer to model. The students then made hair for me out of materials they had in their homes. I’m excited to share their work with you in the coming weeks.

The exhibition is open at the Lied Art Gallery through March. It will then move to Creighton’s Phoenix campus.


Visit my Instagram to see what the students made and my interpretation.


Can you make hair for me, Untitled: Aluminum Foil, 2021

Louisa Stringer interviews Eileen Powers on the Cape Wellness Collaborative Hope Podcast


The Cape Wellness Collaborative provides support and services to those on the Cape and Islands activity recieving cancer treatment and those in survivorship. The new Hope Podcast provides offers a wider platform and the capability to reach and help innumerable cancer patients and survivors. I was honored to speak about my thoughts on hope, treatment, and tell my story. The podcast is scheduled to air later this year.

Visit CapeWellness to learn more about their services or to make a donation.


Since 2019, I’ve collaborated with artists and the cancer community to create over 80 different personas and characters. 

Join in and make hair for me!

My goal for this project is have 100 people participate by making hair for me. The style, colors and construction are up to you. I only ask that you read the brief guidelines, use materials other than hair, and that the final piece not be a hat. I would like this to be a meaningful, collaborative project that I can share with others who have cancer and give them a moment of happiness in what can be a very long, soul-testing treatment.

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Make Hair for your Friends

Maybe making hair isn’t your thing. You can still participate by spreading the, following me on social media, making a gift through the GoFundMe page or offering to show the work. Please contact me if you have an idea you’d like to share.

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Thank you to all of those who have participated in the project.
I’m humbled and grateful.