Can you make hair for me awarded $1300 from EforAll Cape Cod

After pitching and being accepted into the EforAll Cape Cod 13-Week Accelerator Program last January (just weeks after my last cancer treatment), I was awarded $1300 based on my final presentation to the EforAll Community. The winners were chosen by their peers and the EforAll community. This is a proud moment not only for me and the project, but for people everywhere undergoing chemotherapy. The money will help spread the word so I can continue to bring joy and levity to those going through treatment. Hooray!!

Thank you and make joy!



About EforAll


As retirees and second home owners buy up housing stock, the local Cape Cod workforce struggles to bridge the housing-wage gap, often living in seasonal rentals and struggling to find affordable housing during peak summer months. Cape residents aged 25-44 have declined significantly as many cannot afford to live on Cape with income created from available jobs. EforAll opened its doors in 2018 to help bridge this housing-wage gap and has already supported entrepreneurs in 15 Cape communities.