Recently Can you make hair for me? was featured on Rebecca Pott’s outstanding Teaching Artist Podcast. Rebecca is a visual arts teaching artist. She interviews practicing artists who are also K-12 educators. This podcast is dedicated to discussions of teaching art, making art, and how those things overlap and feed each other.

Thank you to Rebecca who’s own work is inspired by the intersection between ecological concern and the female experience. She teaches TK-5th grade visual arts at 2 elementary schools.

You can listen to the full podcast here.


Eileen Powers talks about looking at an issue from all sides and how artists are problem solvers. I love how she applies this both physically to the engineering feat of creating hair out of all kinds of materials and metaphorically to the challenge of adjusting to big changes and getting through and talking about hard things like illness and death. She also talks about embracing differences and finding joy in even the most difficult situations. There is so much in her project and in this conversation that is super applicable to the many challenges facing us here in the U.S. and across the world today. 

Teaching Artist Podcast