If your like Can You Make Hair For Me? consider making a contribution to keep the project going. To date, Eileen has self funded the project all while undergoing 12 chemotherapy treatments, a stem cell transplant, abdominal resection surgery, and a CAR t-cell treatment. Consider a small gift to the Can You Make Hair For Me? Go Fund Me page:

 Your gift helps to:

  • Pay printing and framing costs, which are currently in the thousands
  • Pay for shipping of artwork to different venues
  • Pay thrift-store outfits and accessories for each photoshoot
  • Pay for website and video development
  • Pay for Eileen’s medical bills

What else you can do

Do you know a venue that would be interested in showing the work?

Are you a corporate sponsor that would like to underwrite a traveling exhibition?

Do you wan to make hair?

Would you like Eileen to speak about the project at an event?

 Please contact Eileen using the contact form, below.

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