Can you make hair for me

Eileen Powers has a similarly positive attitude toward the effect of her cancer. She was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2018. After enduring months of fear, constant pain, and misdirection, she finally found a medical solution. She described this period as a strange, yet oddly positive time. As a result of chemotherapy, she lost all of her hair, which resulted in the loss of her sense of self, especially her physical identity.”

“Out of that came her project “Can You Make Hair For Me?” She has asked people to create hair for her out of any material they choose. As a photographer she then created a series of self-portraits depicting her with the hair made by various people from an assortment of materials: ribbons, wood shavings, lettuce, red cabbage, feathers, curly noodles, etc. As she states on her project website, , “The goal is to show that loss is real, but our ingenuity in dealing with loss is what makes us stronger, more compassionate humans.” She has pursued this project with an extraordinary sense of humor and created quite an uplifting series of images. In doing so, I feel that she has indeed regained her identity, particularly as an artist. {Link to full review}

Michel Ségard

New Art Examiner

When I first saw Eileen Powers’ “Can You Make Hair for Me,” project, I was blown away. Here was a person facing the most challenging situation a person can face—a diagnosis of cancer–and she took the opportunity to make art. My first thought was, “Talk about making lemonade from lemons.” My second thought was, “Holy moly, this would make a great book!” I’m certain Tattered Cover’s customers would embrace Eileen, her photos, and her story.

Len Vlahos

CEO/Co-owner, Tattered Cover Bookstores, Denver

It’s such a wonderful story, told by a most wonderful artist. It will give you joy, inspiration, lots of humor and humility. The art that is transpiring from Can you make hair for me is pure art made with love and extremely talented people. Thanks.

Brad Matson

TV Producer/Artist, Toronto

Was so thrilled to have Can You Make Hair For Me a part of Artoma: The Art of Cancer. The work brought a joy and sense of humor to what is too often seen as a tragedy filled with hopelessness. Bravo to Eileen and the army of contributors who have started and continue this project bringing smiles to all who have been affected by cancer!

Richard Zeid

Professor, Columbia College, Chicago

Everything that art should be: fun, thought-provoking, inspiring.

John Yonce

Consultant, Snowleopard Strategies

A creative way to overcome fear of cancer.

Margaret Hall

Eileen Powers Can You Make Hair For Me Make Joy